A true beer for true warriors

Alfa Beer are one of the head sponsors of the Strong Viking runs. A series of events that take place throughout the country – pitting real people against themselves, encouraging team work and generally pushing people to their own limits. It’s not about who’s the fastest, strongest or has the biggest muscles – it’s about being true to yourself, just like Alfa Beer.


Tooters were tasked with rewarding the warriors with what they wanted most after their own personal battle against nature – an icecold beer.


We created a truly immersive experience as the heroes finished the race, a larger than life Alfa branded mascot greeted them as they finished, and our promoters distributed ice cold beers to everyone as they walked through our cooling off tent.


At the end of two days, over 6,500 cans of Alfa were placed in the hands of these muddy men and dirty dames – a true brand experience and a memory for life.

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