Sometimes, it's a shitty job

There’s a real problem with dog walkers not cleaning up after their pooch has pooped.


We were asked by the local government to help spread the message that if you have a dog, it’s your responsibility to clean up after it.


Our idea? The only dog you don’t have to clean up after is an invisible one.


We mobilised a team of dog walkers to take their invisible dog for walks around the city. When they encountered other ‘real’ dog walkers they simply handed out leaflets which were packaged inside ‘poop bags’ and talked them through the responsibility of dog ownership, and pointed out where they could find special bins for disposal of the bags after use.


‘Niks in de hond’ – literally translates to ‘nothing in the dog’ and is a clever play on the Dutch saying ‘niks in de hand’ meaning ‘there’s nothing to worry about’.

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