Love is in the Air(port)

Leaving behind loved ones as you embark on a trip is never easy – especially when you’re travelling on Valentine’s Day.


Love is in the Air(port), an idea perfectly brought to life by our Tooters team, saw travellers engage with our promotion team to deliver an extra special surprise to those they were leaving behind.


As our musicians played loved songs in the check in lounge, handed out fresh roses (and kisses!) our promoter girls engaged with the public and encouraged them to write a little love note to those they were leaving behind. We attached the personal note to a box of delicious chocolates and hand delivered them to loved ones all
around the region.


The activity soon took off on social media as people engaged with the action. Selfies, hashtags and likes were flying. The regional news crew picked up on love and turned up to film and interview Eli, the communications manager at Eindhoven Airport, and broadcast to over 5 million people that evening.


In total we delivered over 100 boxes of chocolates to the surprise of loved ones across the region, and ensured Eindhoven Airport spread the love.

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